If you own a smartphone, then you could actually start making money by downloading free apps that make you money. Last year we helped our readers make extra money by highlighting the Top 5 money making apps for 2015. In this post we have highlighted the top 16 money making apps for 2016. The apps for both Android and iOS devices have been tested for reliability and on how much you can potentially earn from using these apps.

Check the 17 Best Money Making Apps this year

Best money making apps for 2016 / 2017

16 Cash Rewards – Paypal Gift Card

Cash Rewards

Cash Rewards is an app that pays you via PayPal when you reach the threshold of 600 coins, the equivalent of just $1. The app is fun to use as you get paid to download free apps, watch app videos and inviting your friends to join. You also get rewarded on a daily basis to check in.

This app is well worth downloading. It is a relatively fresh app with over 17,000 downloads worldwide.


15 Tap Cash Rewards – Make Money

tap cash rewards

Tap Cash is another good app that will pay you for downloading free games and apps for your smartphone and signing up to free offers. The app is reliable with over 50,000 5 star ratings on the Google Play store, the app is well worth downloading.

The rewards on offer from Tap Cash are pretty impressive when compared to some of its rivals. Gift cards are available for PayPal, Skype, G2A, T-Mobile and for many other services and stores.

With this app, you can simply earn money with your Android device by downloading free apps and games and signing up to offers on the Tap Cash offers board.


14 CashPoint


CashPoint is a fun new app from the Play Store that offers coins in exchange for downloading free games and apps to your device, while you can also earn money by referring your friends and family.

You can then exchange coins that you earn for PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

Since the app is new and has received good feedback from users, expect this app to be one of the contenders for app of the year in 2017!


12 Make Money Earn Free Cash

make money earn free cash app

Make Money Earn Free Cash is the latest earn money apps that can help you generate beer money from watching videos, answering surveys and taking free trials.

One of the best features of this new app is that fast cash out feature. Rewards can be cashed out to PayPal in a quick manner.


11 Survey Mini

survey mini

Do you enjoy making money from surveys? Survey Mini is a free app that will make you money from answering surveys from your smartphone or tablet device. With Survey Mini, you will receive surveys based on places that you visit throughout the United States.

Rewards for this app include food discounts and gift cards which you can cash out after reaching the threshold.

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10 Quick Cash

Quick Cash

Quick Cash is another fun app that is well worth downloading to your device. The way it works is that you get paid to promote third party apps to your friends and family and get paid when people download the apps that you promote.

This is a different app when compared to most other apps that pay you. The earnings from this app is considerably low, unless you have a large social network of friends. However it is a good app if you use it along side your other make money apps.

The app has a small cash out threshold of just $1 which you can get your reward via Paypal.


9 Watch & Earn

Watch & Earn make money app

Watch & Earn is a fun app that will pay you money to watch videos, app trailers and lets you earn cash to download free apps.

The app uses coins to pay you for completing fun tasks which you can then exchange them for rewards including PayPal, Google Play vouchers and Amazon gift cards. One of the surprises of this app is that it offers shopping vouchers and movie vouchers while you can also get entered into a draw to win a large number of coins.


8 MintCoins

MintCoins app

MintCoins is one of the most established get paid to apps. With well over 55,000 ratings top ratings on the Play Store, you can be assured that MintCoins is well worth downloading.

You get paid to watch videos, view advertisements, and answer surveys for cash. This app will not make you rich as it is one of the lowest paying apps, however it makes up for this downfall by having only a $1 threshold.


7 Google Opinions

Google Opinions

Google Opinions is a survey app for USA Android users. You receive surveys on a fairly regular basis, however you only get paid via Google Play Store credit. There are no other payment methods.

Google Opinions is a great app if you are a fan of downloading and purchasing paid apps and games. If you answer a number of surveys you will therefore be able to purchase paid apps and games for free.


6 Wild Wallet: Make Money Online

Wild wallet make money app

Wild Wallet: Make Money Online is a popular app that has been around for a while. The app is a good one and has proved to be very reliable over the years with many users earning quick easy money in their spare time.

With Wild Wallet, users earn money by downloading and installing free apps, watching app trailers and advertisements and signing up to donation offers from the offer wall. If you have friends who also have Android devices, you can use your referral code to earn money when you refer your friends.


5 Surveys On The Go

Surveys on the go

Surveys On The Go can be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones and tablet devices. A very popular app that has been around for quite some time, you usually earn $0.25 – $5 per survey.

Payments are regular and the developers are one of the leading mobile research companies in the USA, so this app is a legitimate one and you are guaranteed to get paid once you cash out. The threshold for Surveys On The Go is just $10 and you also receive regular survey invites.

If you love surveys it is well worth downloading. Here is another survey that you should sign up to.


4 mCent


Having been downloaded over 450,000 times, mCent is one of the most sought after make money apps. You get paid to simply download free apps and games while there are also generous referral rewards when your friend signs up using your referral code.

If you love getting paid to do fun stuff you should also check out QuickRewards

mCent makes it into the Moneyjojo top 4 apps for making money in 2016 and is likely to remain near the top for years to come.


3 PanelPlace

PanelPlace is a reliable survey panel who offers surveys from all the leading survey panels in the world. The survey panel have released a smartphone version for their panelists to start answering surveys which they get paid good money for their opinions.

To use the app you must first sign up to the web version of PanelPlace so that you can then start using the app. Click here to sign up.

The app works really well and it makes it easy for users to make money from their smartphones when on the go. The app makes it in at 3 because of the potential of making money for each person who signs up.


2 Earn Money – Highest Paying App

Earn Money Highest Paying App

The Earn Money app is a Moneyjojo favourite and has been for the last 3 years. The app runs well on most up to date Android devices, offering a fun way for users to earn money easily. The app even receives a high rating from its wide range of users on the Play Store.

The app uses a coin system where a coin is equal to $0.01. Therefore 100 coins is worth $1. Users can earn cash by inviting friends, (which you can earn $.25 per friend), download games and paid apps, answering surveys and registering to various websites.


This app is extremely popular because of the quick payments. Earn Money pay you via PayPal within 24 hours of cashing out, which means this is one of the quickest paying apps available on the Play Store. Check out the full review of this app

1 CashPirate

CashPirate top money making app 2016

CashPirate was number 2 last year for the Moneyjojo.com round up of the best paying apps. This year CashPirate goes one better, in at the top at number one. The reason being for the number one spot is simple, you can generate a good extra income using this app and even earn while you sleep. The reason for this is the CashPirate referral program.

While CashPirate offers a wide selection of fun activities to make money while passing the time, the referral program is the big money spinner for users. When you refer a friend, you get 10% of their earnings while you earn another 5% of your referrals’ referrals. This in turn makes CashPirate the best app to make money from your smartphone.

Users can also make money by downloading free apps and games, answering surveys and watching videos. The rewards are paid via PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards and mobile recharge.

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