Some are people are gifted in coming up with strong words that evoke different emotions, including feelings of pensiveness, joy, and sorrow among others.

Are you one of them?

Well, you can earn extra cash by writing poems.

Get paid to write poetry

There are a number of sites that permit skilled individuals to write poems and offer reasonable compensation. Venturing in poetry is among the best strategies of freelancing you should consider if you are gifted with necessary skills. Even if you are currently not skilled, you can learn and gain necessary skills in poetry step by step.

Before you think of starting to write poems for this purpose, there are some basics you need to be acquainted with.

Firstly, nearly all literary publications will not accept your work if it was published before.

They only accept those ones not been published beforehand. If this is the case, the information will always be shown on their guideline page.

Secondly, the review of your work, acceptance or rejection may take time.

Do not be surprised that it may take months to get feedback on your submissions. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be discouraged by this condition. You can be earning cash provided you are familiar with how the system works.


Earn Cash for writing poetry

It is often asserted that the individuals who earn significant writing online are the ones who take much time on their work, always doing what it takes to perfect their writing expertise. No single individual is born a fantastic poet. All those great poets you know began the journey as mediocre poets. Nevertheless, they kept on practicing and in the end, they got to where they are. This is a course you can as well take. You can keep on enhancing your skills to a level where everyone falls in love with your work.


The basic knowledge of how to use the internet is the best point to begin from. With internet knowledge, you can learn and improve your poetry skills anywhere you are. In addition, it will be quite easier to search for websites that accept to work with beginners like you. Go through their submission guidelines, taking note of what they want, how you should submit your work and the compensation they offer.


What is more, you can earn by writing for Greeting Cards organizations. Poets are not only needed magazine webs or specific entities that require and pay for poetry. However, Greeting Cards require individuals with the ability to write poems that evoke emotions.


12 Companies That Pay For Your Poems

So then, which companies can you turn to in this regard? There is a good number. In this section, we are going to review just 12 examples of very common companies that pay well for poetry submissions.


1) The Three Penney Review

The Three Penney Review comes first in our list. This is a very famous literary magazine that have been in the industry for long. It only accepts poetry submissions not published before. The poems must, however, must not exceed 100 lines. Your work can either be single-spaced or double-spaced. The rewards for the accepted poems is high, at least $200.


2) The Boulevard

Boulevard is yet another literary magazine that pays well for the unsolicited poetry submissions. The company accepts previously not published up to five poems in a single submission. Unlike Three Penney Review that accepts at most 100 lines, Boulevard allows for a maximum of 200 lines. The minimum compensation was given $25 while the maximum is $250 for each and every accepted submission.


3) Arc Poetry Magazine

The company has been in the industry for three decades now, publishing the best present-day poems all along. Arc Poetry Magazine accepts previously not published poems addressing any topic. Submission includes at most three poems and they reward $50 per page for any poem accepted and published in their magazine.


4) Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul looks for submissions for poems for the forthcoming books. The poems must be very exciting as well as heartwarming, strictly written in a poem form. The company $200 for the poems.


5) The Southern Review

Here is another good company you can turn to and get paid well the poems you write. It accepts unpublished poems, though their limit is five poems per submission or a maximum of 15 pages. The company pays $25 per page, though their maximum payout is $200.



They pay at the rate of $20 per page. Nevertheless, they offer more compensation for poems based on contributions and grants. They accept five poems per submission.


7) Epoch Magazine

The company accepts all kinds of submissions though you will be required to restrict each submission to five poems. They pay at the rate of $50 per accepted poem.


8) Ploughshares

Ploughshares accepts submissions ranging from one to five. They pay at the rate of $45 per accepted submission.


9) The Capilano Review

The company only accepts unsolicited poems and one can make submissions of up to five pages. They pay$50 per every published page, though the maximum payout is $150.


10) New Myths

The magazine is published quarterly and accept poems with some science fiction or any kind of fantasy element. They accept a maximum of five poems with restrictions on length. They pay at the rate of $1.5 cents per word and give $30 minimum payout for published works.


11) SubTropics

Published at the University of Florida, SubTropics accept four submissions at a time through their online submission service. They give a payout of $100 for every accepted poem.


12) Willow Springs

The magazine is published twice in a year and accept submissions of six poems each. The company pays $20 for each poem published.


Many people earn a lot of money from writing poems online. You can be one of them. We have analyzed the basic requirements and 12 companies that pay well.

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