Do you need to earn money quickly? Did you know you can donate blood plasma for money? By getting paid to give blood, you can earn around $20 – $50 per donation.

Some donor centers will pay people to donate twice a week. Donating blood plasma is a quick way to earn money and there are nearly 500 clinics throughout the United States that will pay you for blood plasma.


How To Get Paid To Donate Blood Plasma

Below are the steps required to donate blood:


1) Consider whether or not you are afraid of needles

If you are afraid of needles then you should consider looking at other ways to earn extra cash. A lot of people have a phobia of needles and blood, if you are squeamish then this opportunity is not for you. If you can handle needles, read on to learn more on how to donate blood plasma for money.


2) Find your nearest blood bank

There are a number of companies in the US who will pay cash, coupons and gift cards for plasma donations. It is best to do your own search for “donate blood plasma for money near me” to find blood banks within walking distance or a short commute.

Donate Blood Plasma For Money

Once you find your nearest donor center, you should book an appointment.


3) Get a Pre-screening test

To be able to donate your blood plasma and receive payment, you will have to undergo a pre-screening interview. This type of interview could take anywhere from 2-3 hours to complete.


You will need to bring valid photo ID and proof of residency with you to the pre-screening test. This is to verify your identity. A drivers license or passport will cover you for proof of identity. For proof of residency, use the most recent utility bill or bank statement.

The pre-screening test will also involve getting a physical examination and medical test to ensure you are a suitable candidate.

The screening test ensures that A) you are a safe and suitable blood donor and B) it is safe for your own health to donate blood plasma.


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What Is Blood Plasma And Is It Safe To Donate?

Plasma is the largest component of blood. It is a clear liquid that is filled with water enzymes and antibodies.

When you donate blood, the plasma is separated by a machine from other blood components are are returned to the donor.

Blood plasma donations are regulated by authoritative bodies including the FDA. Plasma collection have to operate with a high level of cleanliness are are rigorously regulated because of their nature.


How Often Can You Donate Blood And Get Paid?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations state that you can only donate blood no more than twice per a seven day period. In that time you can only donate once every other day but again, no more than twice a week.


How Much Do Plasma Donors Get Paid?

As the going rates for donations are around $25 – $50 per donation, you could earn $200 – $400 per month. Over a year this could make you $2,400 – $4,800 per annum.


If you pass the pre-screening test, blood donations will take 30-60 minutes of your time. This also depends on how quickly you are able to supply blood.


What Do Plasma Donation Centers Near Me Pay Per Donation?

How much you get paid by the donation centers vary from location to location. Below are some of the plasma centres in the USA and their average payments:

1. Grifols

Grilfols compensate donors, however, the amount you will receive depends on your location. They will pay you with a pre-paid credit card.


2. Biolife Plasma

It has been reported that Biolife Plasma will pay you $40 for the first two donations and may pay you $50 thereafter. Call a clinic near you for their compensation rates. They will compensate you with a pre-paid credit card.


3. BPL Plasma (Bio Products Laboratory)

BPL Plasma compensation program pays donors $250 for 5 visits. This equates to $50 per visit. Their website has a $10 bonus for new donors to get an extra $5 on the 2nd and 4th visits.


4. CSL Plasma

CSL Plasma again have different compensation rates depending on clinic and location. You will be compensated with a pre-paid debit card.


5. OctaPharma Plasma

OctaPharma Plasma have a number of compensation structures and you can get paid $25-$50 depending on clinic location. You can choose to get a pre-paid debit card, OPI Rewards+ (points system and they also have donor promotions where you could win prizes.



Getting Paid for “The Gift Of Life”

By donating blood plasma, you are getting paid to help people suffering with immune deficiencies, clotting disorders, burn victims and many more. You are getting paid to do something good, to save lives and to improve someone else’s quality of life.


Should I Donate Blood For Cash?

This is a decision for only you to decide. There are financial benefits and your body can reproduce blood. This is a way to earn money that is not for everyone. It is important that you do your own research first on whether or not you should do this.


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