Looking to get free movie rentals or free game rentals? In this post we have free codes that work with Redbox that give you free movie and games to rent for a night.


Redbox Automated Retail LLC is a USA based company that offers DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD and video game rentals through kiosks, usually found in convenience stores. There are several Redbox kiosks that can be found throughout the US. Here is a list of Redbox Kiosks that are near you.

Redbox has been in business since 2002. They face fierce competition from on demand TV services like Netflix, however they provide a solution for those who do not want to pay for a subscription.

Below we will show you the latest Redbox promo codes and coupons.


How do free Redbox codes work?

When you find your local Redbox kiosk, you can then select the movie or the game that you want for free.

Next you can enter the Redbox code just before the checkout on the kiosk screen.

Voila! You will then get a free one day rental for your favourite movie or video game.

Below we have a list of 20 codes that should always work to get a free movie rental, but first we will show you other ways to find free Redbox codes to use.


Best Ways To Get Free Redbox Codes


1) Install the Redbox App

There is a free app that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet. The app is available on both the Google Play and Apple store.


The app will provide you will special offers including promo codes and exclusive offers. Be sure to turn on the push notifications so that you do not miss any of the free codes.



2) Reserve Movies & Games Online

Did you know that you can get special offers if you reserve movies and video games online? By going to the Redbox website and signing up or using your login, you may find special offers including complementary free codes to get a free one day rental.

You may have to complete one paid rental first in order to get your free one night rental code.



3) Follow Redbox On Social Media

Redbox sometimes post deals and freebies on their social media pages for their social followers. You can like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest free codes. The company post regularly on Facebook, so you will likely find latest offers if you are a regular Facebook user.

Redbox are also on Instagram and as this is a social network that is becoming ever more popular, you should also watch out for their contests and other perks on this website.



4) Visit Different Kiosks For Special Offers

Did you know that Redbox have different offers at some of their Kiosks? This is a marketing strategy by the company to get people to use more of their Kiosks at different locations.

At different locations, look out for the codes on advertising signs and flyers so that you do not miss out on any of the special offers.

So if you are travelling around the US, be sure to check out the different Kiosks in the areas that you are visiting to see if there are any free codes that you could use.



5) Join the Redbox Text Club

Redbox need to connect with their users in every way possible so that they can promote their offers to you. This ensures that they make as much profit as from you as they can.

By joining the Redbox Text Club, members will get one free movie rental each month. If you love watching movies and playing games, then it is worth joining the Text Club for a monthly freebie.


6) Join The Play Pass Program

If you join the Play Pass Program, you will be joining the Redbox rewards program. With this service, you can earn points for a free rental. You earn points for each rental and when you accumulate 100 points you will earn a free rental for a night.

What is even better with this program, you will earn a free rental on your Birthday and on the anniversary of the date that you join the program.


7) Join The Redbox Newsletter

If you sign up for the free newsletter you will likely be given a complementary free code that you could use for a free rental. All you have to do is sign up for the newsletter on the Redbox website. You will then be given a welcome email with a free code.

If you like getting email notifications, then this could be the perfect choice for you to get your free movie rental codes.


8) Use Promo Code Websites

There are a wide range of coupon and promo code websites that share monthly free coupons for Redbox. Sites like Retail Me Not offer updated codes every month.

The best thing about using promo code sharing websites is the fact that there will usually be multiple codes that you can use. This way you may get more than one free code for a rental.


How To Get Redbox Codes Quickly

If you want to get a free code quickly, you can Text any of the following codes with your phone to 727272:

  • PUSH
  • DEAL

By using these codes you can get a free 1 night DVD rental. The SMS may cost you money so just keep a check of this for your own records.


Best Redbox promo codes that always work

Below are a range of codes that you can use at certain Redbox Kiosk. Each customer can only use these codes only once.

Here is a list of Redbox codes that always work:

  • RDBOXHEB  – Use only at HEB locations
  • REDBOXHEB – Use only at HEB locations)
  • DVDKROG  – Can only be used at Kroger locations)
  • DRIVEIN – Use only at Sonic locations)
  • DVDATWAG  – Use only at Walgreen’s locations)
  • WALGREENS  Can only be used at Walgreen’s locations)
  • DVDATWEG  – Use only at Wegman’s locations)
  • H99976F2 – Get a 1 day free DVD rental with this code used online or through the app
  • DVDONME: Code for new customers to get a free rental
  • GAMEKIDS:By texting this code to 727272 you can get a free 1 day video game trial.


With these free codes you can enjoy free DVD movie rentals and game rentals for one night! So if you are stuck for cash, then these codes could be the perfect solution for you.

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