One of the worlds best known cloud storage services is Dropbox. Dropbox has over 500 million users worldwide. There are limits to how much storage you can have with your Dropbox account before you have to pay for extra storage. In this post we show you the 15 best free alternatives to Dropbox.

Free Dropbox alternatives

For some people there are worries about security flaws with using the free Dropbox solution, we also provide security solutions in this post for you to try.

15 Best Free Alternatives to Dropbox

1. BoxCrypter

This is an alternative where you can still have your own Dropbox account, but along with that, you use this option to make sure that your files are encrypted properly. BoxCrypter comes with no free storage and it is the alternative of Dropbox where you encrypt the files that are in your Dropbox and only if you have BoxCrypter enabled with your password, you can open that file.

The use of BoxCrypter will obviously make it impossible, or at least hard to share files with friends and family without them having to install the same version of BoxCrypter. Therefore, you must be aware that there are a couple of issues that come with using such services, but they add a layer of security to your files.



2. HubiC

Storage: 25 GB

HubiC uses the direct encryption method while the user still uses Dropbox with this tool. In Cloudfogger, you keep Dropbox, but you sign up for HubiC that encrypts your files locally before sending it to the Cloud. Local encryption like this is for people who cannot live without Dropbox, and they have their whole file system setup on Dropbox, and they need a solution to sync their files.

If you have very important files on your computer and you want to send those files to Dropbox to access them on any device. But, they are so important that you want to upload them in encrypted form. Dropbox cannot do this for you. Therefore, you get HubiC in your device or system to encrypt your files.

HubiC is such an encryption tool, which can help you encrypt your folders, files, pictures and even videos. Its function is same as Dropbox, but it works more efficiently in securing your data. You can sync it with Dropbox or OneDrive by encrypting your files before they leave your hard drive.



3. Own Cloud

Storage: 5 GB

When you use this alternative to Dropbox, it comes with 5GB free storage, whereby, you create your own private Cloud. This is the solution for people that are a bit more technical because you must bypass third parties. You get software from ownCloud, but you must set everything up yourself.

When you look at ownCloud, it looks like it works just like Dropbox. The difference is only that you do not send your files to a third party.

It can share your file, sync them securely, and you can install it either on your web server in your office or use it with a network attached storage device, such as Synology.

This is a very secure solution but beware that it tends to have a little overhead when it comes to administrating your files. You will be the only person who will be responsible for managing those files.



4.    Google Drive

Storage: 15 GB

Google created Drive in 2012, designed by Google with almost 200 million users at present. It is an alternative to Dropbox with a lot more free storage. You can sync all your files from PC or your smartphone device and recover them when you like. You can keep your data safe and secure.

Google Drive works great if you have an Android smartphone and need access to your files at any time you require. Drive also contains Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and more.



5.    OneDrive

Storage: 5 GB

OneDrive is a product of Microsoft and was once calleds Skydrive. It helps its users to share their files with their team using Microsoft Office 365. Users can also encrypt their personal and office data through OneDrive, one of the best alternatives to Dropbox.

Through OneDrive, your files are encrypted in the Cloud, mostly with an AES 256bit encryption, which is quite secure. That means OneDrive is quite secure.

In addition to encryption and easy sharing options, OneDrive also helps its users to sync their files easily, and can be used from the web or smartphone easily. More free space is available, however, the user will have to purchase.




Storage: 5 GB, as the name suggests, sync and transfer our files to the Cloud. is just like Tresorit, but it is considered to be a more user-friendly solution. Just like, Tresorit, it is a zero-knowledge storage option that does not share your important files with anyone, even not with the host. You can have members on it who can access it. This is the only difference between Tresorit and

It provides end-to-end encryption for its user’s satisfaction. Through end-to-end encryption, no one on Earth can access your data, even not the people who develop syncing technology.



7. Box

Storage: 10 GB

The box is an alternative to Dropbox with almost similar features, except that it is also used for business purposes rather than just for individual users. It helps the user in developing interaction with the third party, which is not possible in most of the other Dropbox alternatives. Even if some other Cloud services offer these services, they are not feasible for business purposes.

You or your group members on Box can also edit your files anytime you like. The box is considered as the best solution for your files if you have sensitive files that you must protect from being stolen or hacked.



8. pCloud

Storage: 20 GB

pCloud is designed for personal, as well as, for business use. It is currently serving more than 600 million users around the globe.

This free Dropbox alternative helps users to encrypt their files locally before they are sent over the internet to the secure cloud platform. pCloud claim that their cloud storage offers unbreakable security.

pCloud offers a lot of extra storage, through their premium option. They have quite flexible options for securing your personal and private files.



9. Mega

Storage: 50 GB

According to Mega Cloud services, they offer also offer local encryption of files and folders, just like pCloud. There is an encryption key that the user chose for themselves.

If a user ever loses your encryption key, nobody will be able to decrypt the stored files. The files will be lost forever in such case. Therefore, you must make sure that you keep this private encryption key, at all cost, somewhere safe where you can remember it to restore your files.

It comes with 5o GB of storage space, which is completely free. You can enter your files, and they access them whenever you like and from any device of your choice. You can even share your data with other people.



10. Amazon Drive

Storage: 5 GB

Through years of struggle in competing with Dropbox, Amazon Drive is now used by some people in securing their important and sensitive data. The only thing that is missing in Amazon Drive is the syncing ability.

However, they provide great encryption services. Amazon Drive works with a private encryption key that the user chooses. That encryption key, in the simplest terms, encrypts your files and most of the times encrypt the name of the files as well.

It does not define any storage limit, that means, they offer unlimited storage space for your folders, images, and other stuff. Unlike Dropbox, it first encrypts your data and then sent it out of the hard drive.



11. TeamDrive

Storage: 2 GB

TeamDrive is an excellent alternative to Dropbox because it uses 256-AES algorithm to secure the user’s data. You can customize your services on this application. You can either manage it alone or allow other people to collaborate and share the files in it.

The encryption key is chosen by the user. It is important not to forget the key otherwise you won’t be able to recover your data from TeamDrive. When you want to get your files back, for instance, when you have a hard drive crash or when you want to sync or share files, connect to a different computer to sync files across them, then you would need this private encryption key. This is the key that you chose to decrypt your files so that you can again read the important content of your files.

There is also a 30 day free trial for businesses using TeamDrive.



12. Zoho Docs

Storage: 5 GB

Zoho Docs is an ideal Dropbox alternative for both small and large businesses. It has some good features that no other Cloud storage service provide for its customers, such as, email integration, document editor, digital signatures, etc. It can support all sort of documents security through encryption, except the ones that are made in PSD, DXF, and MPP.


The problem with Dropbox is that it does not provide an option to encrypt your files locally before sending them over to the cloud. This is the reason why we need alternatives to Dropbox and by the fact that there are also free options available.

All the alternatives given above, work in the same way with some minor technical differences to make encrypted files. It is the user who needs to decide the best suitable for their device or computer system.

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