We are big fans of Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet TV show. One thing that we have noticed is the fact that Tasha has not been on the show since earlier seasons. What happened Tasha on Dr. Jeff?

In this post, we are going to discuss a number of facts around Tasha Crabtree LVT.


What happened Tasha on Dr Jeff

Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet TV show

Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet TV show following a veterinary physician who treats disorders and performs various surgeries on animals with the help of his expert team. The TV show first aired on July 11, 2015. To date, there have been 6 series of the show with the last episode airing on August 3 2019.

This is a real show and Dr. Jeff and his staff are all fully trained veterinarians.


About Tasha Crabtree LVT

Born Natasha Crabtree or better known as Tasha Crabtree from the Dr. Jeff TV show, is a fully trained veterinarian. She has become best known as one of the vets that assists Dr Jeff.


Tasha is a fan of wrestling and sports entertainment. She is a big fan of Ring of Honor wrestling.

It is a fact that Tasha once had a phobia of crows. The TV show addressed this issue where the theme was her challenge of overcoming the phobia to help an injured crow.

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Does Tasha Still Work For Dr. Jeff?

Tasha has since moved on to other employment opportunities as a vet. She no longer works for Dr. Jeff.


What Happened To Tasha On Dr. Jeff?

Tasha has not appeared on recent series of the Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet TV show. She has moved on to other things with her career. 

Tasha is known for attending veterinary conventions throughout the United States.


As long time fans of the Dr. Jeff show, we are sad not to Tasha on our screens. We wish Tasha Crabtree well in her future endeavors as a vet.