In this post we talk you through The Epic Of Stew

The Epic of Stew

What is The Epic Of Stew?

The Epic of Stew is the name of a parody of the game The Legend of Zelda. The parody was created by MatPat and Stephanie. It was created as they were both students at Duke University. They created it for a computer science class.

MatPat And Stephanie have mentioned the creation a number of times including on “The Impossible Quiz” live stream where it was explained The Epic Of Stew to avoid attending math.

The Epic Of Stew was quoted on Pony Island: HORSIES From HELL


What was the video?


Here is a link to the video called “Epic of Stew”


Who is MatPat?

MatPat was born Matthew Robert Patrick born on November 15, 1986. His screen name is MattPat.

He was born in the USA. MatPat is an internet personality, actor, producer and writer. He is a gamer and best known as the creator and narrator of YouTube webseries Game Theory.

MatPat created YouTube’s first live gaming channel GTLive.

He also created MatPat’s Game Lab.

MatPat has over 13 million Subscribers.