Are you fan of The Dragon Prince animated series? There is good news ahead with the announcement of The Dragon Prince Season 4 is set to be released on Netflix pretty soon. What is more there is also The Dragon Prince video game which is to be set in the same world as the series, is now in development! A number of announcements were made at the recent comic con.

The Dragon Prince Season 4

In this post we will provide and update on April 2021 about The Dragon Prince Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot and provide details of the fourth season Trailer.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Cast

The cast of the hit animated series includes:

  • Jack De Sena
  • Paula Burrows
  • Sasha Rojen
  • Erick Dellums
  • Adrian Petriw

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The Dragon Prince Season 4 Plot

With the announcement at Comic Con, we wonder what the season 4 plot will be. It will also be interesting to see how the new season will continue on from The Dragon Prince Season 3. The excitement brews to see what happens with our favorite series full of magical creatures.

The series is set in Xadia, a continent of a fantasy world. The world is a magical one derived from six primal elements: the Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth, Sky, and the Ocean.

The first series played out with King Harrow of Katolis and the dark mage Viren, killed the king of the dragons and reportedly killed his heir’s egg. The egg, however is not destroyed. The story goes on to follow the struggle to obtain the egg between main protagonists of the show. The first season concludes with the hatching of the egg into Dragon Prince Zym.

The Dragon Prince Season 3 ended as we all know with the defeat of  Viren’s army by the elves and their allies. Who could forget that moment where Rayla throws Viren from the summit of the Spire before he can harvest Zym’s magical essence. Claudia was there to revive him using dark magic.

It will be interesting to see how exactly, how season 4 will progress from the climax of Season 3.

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The Dragon Prince Season 4 Trailer

No official trailer has been released yet for the fourth season. This would suggest that the new season is not yet ready to be released.


This is the Season 1 trailer created for Netflix and produced by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond if you have not already been following the animated series:



The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date

Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, there has been no official release date for Season 4 on Netflix. Recent reports have suggested that perhaps the release date would be late May 2020.

As we mentioned above, there is no confirmed date as of yet, but we expect that it will be soon.


The Dragon Prince Video Game

Latest reports have suggested that The Dragon Prince video game is in development by Wonderstorm. From what we know so far, the game will be a combat based multiplayer game. The video game will also be based on the current Netflix series and will expand on the plot.

There has been no information released on what the supported video game platforms will be. Will the video game be available on Steam? Will the The Dragon Prince game be available on PS4 PS5 or Xbox? Right now that is not yet known.