In this post we are going to discuss the facts of Romi Koch cause of death. We are going to discuss who she was and talk about her role in the movie Dead Doll.


Who Was Romi Koch?

Romi Koch was a Canadian actress who starred in the 2004 movie Dead Doll. Not much is known about this actress as she only appeared in one movie. It is unknown if she used a stage name or was Romi Koch her real name (like how Mark Sinclair uses the stage name Vin Diesel).

There were no social media accounts set up at the time so we are not able to get in insight into her life and lifestyle.

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Romi Koch cause of death

Sadly, it has been reported that Romi Koch died in a car accident in August 22, 2005. There has been no official confirmation that this was the case.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories going around saying that Romi Koch is actually alive. As no reports of her death are actually confirmed, some have suggested that she wanted an anonymous life after her short film career.

Apparently she has a large number of stalkers following her role in Dead Doll. Some suggest that she faked her death as a result of this unwanted attention.

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What Was The Plot Of Dead Doll?

In this movie the plot starts where a sculptor Brian accidentially kills his girlfriend but comes back as a doll (Romi Koch) who is looking for revenge. The movie was a violent horror.


Romi Koch Net Worth

The net worth of Romi Koch is unknown. She only starred in one role which didnt gross that much revenue. It has been estimated that Romi Koch Net Worth was $100,000.



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