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From July – December 2016, surveyed individuals who opted in to receive updates on latest articles, promotions and to provide feedback.


116 anonymous individuals worldwide participated in and completed our survey.


As a personal finance blog, the reason why this survey was undertaken was to better understand our readers in terms of the employment status, do they earn money online and if they do, how do they do it?


Other areas, we wanted to better understand about our readers was their interests and perhaps a suggestion of their purchases in the near future.

Results from Responses


On the first question in our survey, we asked: Do you have a full time job?

Do you have a job

Of the 116 responses, 67 (57.8%) said No, while 49 (42.2%) said Yes.


The second question was: Do you earn money online?

Do you Earn Money Online

Of the 116 responses, 60 (51.7%) said Yes while 56 (48.3%) said No


The Third Question was multiple choice on the topic of: If you earn money online, how do you do it?

How do you earn money

Respondents were allowed to select multiple answers to this multiple choice question.


9.2% of respondents said they earned money Blogging.

1.1% earn money through Video Blogging or Vlogging.

85% of respondents said they earn money online with Surveys.

39.1% of respondents said they earn money with Get Paid To Websites.

4.6% of respondents said they made money online by Writing.

11.5% Earn money Marketing.

26.4% of respondents earn money online with Data Entry Jobs.

13.8% of respondents chose Other as a means of earning cash online.


The next question asked: What would you like to learn more about?

What would you like to learn about

This question, was an insight as to why readers come onto the website. This will also help us to create content that is tailored around the requirements of our readers.


This was a multiple choice question and those surveyed were allowed to select multiple answers.


93.1% of respondents were on the website to learn more about making money online.

21.6% of the respondents visited to learn about setting up a business.

19.8% of respondents were looking for career advice.

36.2% were looking for free stuff.

25% of the respondents were looking for special offers for products.


The fifth question asked: What are you likely to purchase in 2016/2017?

what are you likely to purchase

This question assesses the buying trends of the readers.


47.2% of respondents were likely to purchase an Android Smartphone.

22.2% were likely to buy an Android Tablet.

25% were likely to buy a Smart TV.

17.6% of respondents were likely to buy a drone in 2016/2017.

7.4% of respondents were likely to buy a PS4.

4.6% were likely to buy an Xbox One.

59.3% were likely to buy a laptop.

6.5% selected Other.


The final question asked what new website would you like to see in 2016/2017?

What would you like to see in 2017

This information is useful for expanding the brand and for partners to leverage on visitor interests.


14.5% of respondents selected A new free dating website.

32.7% of respondents would like to see a new social media friends website.

18.2% would like to see a new games review website.

39.1% would like to see a new weekly deals website.

6.4% of the respondents suggested a Drones review website would be something that they would like to see in 2016/2017.

37.3% would like to see an Android technology website.

15.5% would like none of the above suggested.

4.5% selected other.




Despite the fact that 42.2% of those who completed the survey, have a full time job, it seems people are not satisfied with their current salaries and feel the need to earn an extra income.


Making money online is the motivation as to why people are looking to the website. This suggest that for people are looking to the internet for opportunities to generate and improved income.


51.7% off respondents are earning money online and the suggestion here is that paid surveys seem to be the easiest means of generating extra cash. Get paid to websites are also a popular means of earning money online according to this study.


According to this study, data entry is also a popular way to earn money online.


As mentioned, information on making money online is the main reason why people come on the website, as this is the standout selection in the multiple choice question, as respondents were asked what they would like to learn about.


Laptops and Smartphones are the popular choices for likely purchases by visitors to the website.


Of the choices for a favourable type of new website in 2016/2017, a weekly deals website was suggested as the most popular with an android technology review blog, a close second.


Personal conclusions

From this survey of the visitors to, there are a few standout points that came as a surprise. One of the assumptions prior to this survey, was that the majority of visitors to our personal finance blog are unemployed and looking for ways to earn money. While most are unemployed, the gap is smaller than what we thought.


This is interesting as we could attribute this need to earn more money as underemployment or indebtedness among our readers.


As there are many opportunities to earn cash online, we were also surprised that surveys and get paid to websites dramatically lead the way to making money online.


The demand for laptops is a surprise to us, however the large gap between smartphones and tablets, not so much.

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