Are you looking for a funny private story name for Snapchat? In this post we look at the funniest Snapchat private story name ideas for 2024. If you want to have some banter with your mates and looking for ideas on a hilarious Private Story name, see our suggestions below.

Funny Private Story Names For Snapchat 2021

What are Private Stories on Snapchat?

Private Stories are stories that will only be shared with the people you decide who can view it. This ensures your content will only be viewed by only those you wish to share with.

Friends that are not allowed to view your Private Story will not be notified of your stories.

Private stories are different to My Stories.


How to make a Private Story?

You can choose to make a Snapchat story private by clicking the top left (your Bitmoji) and selecting; “Custom Story” then select; “Private Story”


What Makes a Good Private Story Name?

Having a funny private story name will improve the level of interaction between your friends and the content that you post on Snapchat. Snapchat is a less serious social app compared to others so having the banter with your friends is a must.

A good name for your private Snapchat stories should appeal to your friends and connect with them. Below we have over 150+ private story names that will entice your friends to view your Snapchat stories and improve your popularity.


Best Fun Private Story Names 2024

1) Aloha Beaches

2) Snapcat

3) Pat McGroin

4) Bob Charly

5) How’s the dong

6) Big Bong

7) Its coming home

8) Binbags United

9) 2Rude

10) The Spam Folder

11) Drunk spunks

12) Drunk skunks

13) Soccer Dank

14) Formula Danks

15) The Clown from the town

16) Dr. Phils Waiting List

17) Tina Turning

18) Titanic Rescue Team

19) The Flappening

20) You Need To See This

21) You Need To See That

22) For Your Eyes Only

23) CIA Top Secret

24) FBI Top Secret

25) Straight from the circus

26) Flaps McGee

27) Bros B4 Hoes

28) 50 Shades of Hay

29) The Grass Men

30) Listen to me now

31) I want attention

32) Here, come here..

33) Kanye East

34) All that Mush

35) John Wayne

36) Brainless Beach

37) Join me later

38) Catalogue of Errors

39) The Bipolar Express

40) Why I am Single

41) Stuck indoors

42) Doorway to my Brain

43) Your Bible Story Group

44) Your Personal Help

45) Wayne Rooney’s side piece

46) Snoop Cat E Cat

47) No Adults Allowed

48) Donations Please

49) Ridin Solo

50) Baddies Only

51) How it all went wrong

52) A Perfect Pear

53) Only Fans

54) Pornhub Subscription Renewal

55) Chris Brown’s Hits

56) A circle of life

57) Appealing Apples

58) Peppa Pig’s Butcher

59) J Prince’s wife

60) Shaun of the dead

61) Sleep All Day Snap All Night

62) Chips & Fish

63) Funny name pending…

64) How big is your flap?

65) Money for nudes

66) I ate a cat

67) Read this now

68) Actual drama club

69) I kissed a girl & I liked it

70) Get paid for nudes

71) Gossip girls

72) LOLs o’ clock

73) Dear diary…

74) A daily dose of (____name___)

75) ( . ) ( . )

76) The Recycle Bin

77) ctrl alt delete

78) My Application Form

79) No Name Private Story

80) A whole lotta LOLs

81) Copy and Paste

82) Dive right in

83) Spread Open Wide

84) Said Sheeran

85) Drinking Tips

86) Barmy Army

87) Local Grapevine

88) Hear it here first

89) Kush farm

90) Stories About The Girl Next Door

91) Yo Momma So Ugly…

92) Jack the dipper

93) Donald Dump

94) Your not invited

95) Beach Bums

96) Ulick Magina

97) Big Buns

98) No Thank You

99) Got 2 minutes to spare

100) Your PC has a virus

101) Fart attack

102) Down and dirty

103) Can I borrow $5

104) Spot the difference

105) The Good The Bad & the Dank

106) Got Dirty Laundry

107) Danksgiving

108) Queen of Farts

109) The snake pit

110) I want eggplant

111) (your name) & friends

112) The loser club

113) Alexa: Tell Me A Joke

114) Codes to Area 51

115) Massive attack

116) Lets get down to biscuits

117) From the window to the wall..

118) Blister Sisters

119) Glory hole

120) Hungry for eggplant

121) Enter if you dare

122) Crouch Potato

123) The Red room, your next…

124) Under my hood

125)  A backstage pass

126) UFO encounters

127) Tickets for Virgin Galactic

128) Your Fired

129) Dead horse for sale

130) Ride it.. my pony

131) Riding solo

132) No boys allowed

133) Out of order peace

134) Free money here

135) I sell vitamins

136) Joe Biden My Ear

137) Offensive Private Story Name

138) Michael Jackson’s Basement

139) Heavy Breathing

140) Pam and her 5 sisters

141) Flaps wide open

142) Need For Weed: Underground 2

143) The B-Team

144) Blankety Blank

145) Tips to make it bigger

146) Pints of milk

147) Poke em on

148) Cranjis McBasketball

149) Lady Jaja

150) Fanny Blow

151) The doorway to hell

152) 7 minutes of heaven

153) The Cornflakes Association

154) Breaking Wind

155) Crap Central

156) Boring Story Alert

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Best Private Story Name Images

Here is a run down of some of the best story names for Snapchat 2024. If you like them, why not share them with your Snapchat friends, they might use them as private story name ideas.

Good Private Story Names


Best Snapchat Private Stories Names For Girls

If you are looking for more female orientated private story name ideas, below are some of the best private story names for girls.


Best Private Story Names for Girls

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Story Name Ideas That have been Used in 2024

Here are some extra story names ideas that have already been used by readers.

  • Tick Icon
  • Stubborn Days
  • Two Bevs
  • Bottom Right Corner
  • Inside The Womb
  • 24 Hours
  • Daily Gaga
  • Create a Private
  • Save My Email Name
  • Original Ideas
  • Fat Chicks
  • Ugly Stuff
  • Coffee Limp Handshake
  • Friends List
  • A Few Minutes
  • Story Settings
  • Private Moments
  • Sad Story
  • Deleted Ones
  • Next Time
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Have you seen creative private story names?

If you have any creative private story names that you have seen in a private snapchat story, why not use our comment section below to share with us your thoughts and help us and other readers get a LOL.

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