In this blog post we are going to discuss the curious case of the town called Clark in North Texas, that changed its name to DISH to get free TV in 2005.


If you participate in online quizzes or enjoy table quizzes, it is likely that you would have encountered the question:

“Which Town Changed Its Name in 2005 To Get Free TV”

This popular quiz question that spawned from a town that wanted to watch free TV. The residents of Clark agreed to change the name of their town in 2005 in an agreement with the DISH network TV service. In return for renaming the North Texas town, all residents get a free TV service.


What is the Population of DISH?

The population of DISH according to the 2019 census was 426. The population has doubled since the 2010 census where the population was declared as 201.


How big is DISH?

DISH has an area of 2.299 square Kilometers.


Are there other ways to get Free TV Legally?

Fortunately there are many other ways to get free TV legally and you do not have to resort to changing the name of your town in order to watch TV for free. Other ways to watch free TV include:





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