How much is Sean Evans worth in 2020? In this post we look at Sean Evans net worth and we will be looking at how he grew his earnings. 

Sean Evans Net Worth

As one of the top YouTubers and producers from our rich list, the Hot Ones host has established quite a career for himself online. 

Lets look at some of the key details on Sean Evans and below we will reveal how much he is worth in 2020.

Sean Evans Age and Height

Sean Evans was born on April 26, 1986 in the Evanston suburb of Chicago. He is 33 in 2020.

His height is 5 Feet 8 Inches or 1.76 M.


Evans’ Career

Evans started his career as a copywriter for the Chicago Tourism Board. He moved into freelancing for Complex Magazine in New Orleans. From there he was offered a full time job for the Complex magazine in New York where he interviewed famous celebrities.

Christopher Schonberger created Hot Ones produced by First We Feast and Complex Media. Sean Evans became an interviewer. The show has a unique appeal of Evans and his famous guests eating 10 hot wings, each with an extra spicier sauce than the previous.

The format of the Hot Ones show is what made this a popular show online. The appeal of celebrity fans watching their favourite VIPs eating extremely hot chicken wings is what grew the shows popularity.

The celebrities get asked an interview question after each wing that they eat. What fans love about the show is to watch how the guests struggle to finish their hot wings rather than the guest interview itself. The final sauce is the Last Dab XXX which has a Scoville rating of 2,000,000. This is the hot wing that guests struggle with the most.

The shows unique take on interviews is what has helped grow Sean Evans’ social media popularity and his net worth.

Recently there has been a Hot Ones spin off as a game show. The show is called “Hot Ones: The Game Show” 


Does Sean Evans Eat The Wings?

If you watch the show, you will notice that Sean Evans does eat the hot wings along with his guests. 


Who Is Sean Evans’ Girlfriend

Sean Evans is currently in a relationship with Natasha Alexis Martinez. Martinez is a television Host and former Miss California 2015. It has been estimated that the couple have been together since 2018.


First We Feast Net worth

First we Feast is an online food culture magazine and extremely popular YouTube channel. First We Feast has an estimated net worth of $14 million USD.

The majority of the net worth of the company is built through:

  • Advertising
  • YouTube Ads
  • Online Ads
  • Affiliate earnings
  • Sponsored posts
  • Media partnerships


The Hot Ones Net Worth

The Hot Ones has been a success over recent years. As the show is now branching out into a game show style format, there are lots of opportunities for this show to grow.

In its 10th season, the show has grown a huge following over the years through all the popular social media platforms.

Hot Ones earns revenue through:

  • Ad views
  • Sponsorship
  • Media Partnerships


Hot Ones net worth 2020 is estimated to be $9 million USD.



Sean Evans Net Worth 2020

According to The Joe Economy, most of Sean Evan’s earnings comes from “Hot Ones”. He also earns revenues from his popular social media accounts and as an influencer.

Through his years of online media appearances and interviews Sean Evans net worth 2020 is $7.6 million USD estimated.

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