A man of few words and with cool personality, James Prince is a music executive, promoters and the CEO of Rap-a-Lot Records, which is based in Houston, Texas as well as promoting boxing talents.He is the father of Jas Prince. In this post we look at the Net Worth of J Prince in 2020.

J Prince Net Worth 2020

James Prince founded his 3-decade-old label alone and is now renowned for his stiffness in the industry. J Prince remains a unique promoter in the Houston rap scene.

Who Is J Prince?

Born James Prince on October 31, 1964 (age 54), he grew up in Houston Texas. Through his career he has been an Executive Producer, Businessman, CEO, Record label founder, Investor and Entrepreneur.

He has been referred to as Lil J and Jay Prince in the past in his music career.

He served as the first manager for Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and is the manager for boxer Andre Ward.


J Prince’s decision to promote underprivileged american neighborhoods and communities earns the optimum respect among his peers.

He proceeded to build a community center where he grew up to help the young children from poor backgrounds with their talents. Tens of teens have already benefited from this program as deprived children, teens and adults turn into responsible and self-sustaining adults.

In 2007 he was honored by the Houston City Council for his years of commitment to the Texas City.

Prince stands 5’9” in height but retains a reputation and is feared in the hip-hop circles.

His son Jas Prince was born on October 30, 1987.

J Prince’s Music Career

Prince has been associated with hip hop acts such as Geto Boys, Scarface and Do Or Die.

The Geto Boys were the most successful hip hop act from his american record label; Rap-a-Lot Records.

James Prince is also a great supporter of Drake and maintains plenty of credibility in music to back up his choices. James Prince released a diss track in February 2015 which was a response to the drama between Young Money and Drake. Some say that the diss track helped influenced Drake net worth 2018. The diss track made references to Birdman and Diddy.

His role in setting up foundations and other levels seems as permanent boulders in history. His significance in improving Southern rap is commendable. They include rap artists; No Limit, Cash Money, and Suave House and many other more.

Prince seems unstoppable in his journey to make a lasting mark in the industry with a unique position.

Snoop Dogg is mentions Prince’s American label in the collaboration with Devin the Dude on the song “What a Job” in the lyric:”J. Prince, Jas Prince, Rap-a-Lot, still on top, 2007.”


What Is J Prince’s Net Worth

How did J Prince make his money?

J Prince has made his fortune with a career spanning 3 decades. His contribution for the rap music industry by his Rap-A-Lot label is undeniable.

After a slow start, the company made huge strides especially after signing the famous Geto Boys, which put the southerners on the hip-hop map.

The company has generated more than enough to support the American underprivileged, according to J Prince.

He also accumulated a fortune from getting his cut from managing boxers Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Andre Ward.

According to the latest estimates, J Prince Net Worth 2020 is $45.6 million.



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