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Are you thinking about buying a fidget spinner? In this post we look at the best fidget spinners that you can buy online. All fidget spinners listed on this article are also available to buy on

Best fidget spinners

What is a Fidget Spinner?

A Fidget Spinner according to Wikipedia is “toy that consists of a ball bearing in the center of a multi-lobed (typically two or three) flat structure made from metal or plastic designed to spin along its axis with little effort.”

The popularity of this toy soared in 2017 but they have been around since 1993, however they were used as a sensory device to give relief to those with Autism and ADHD.

They are also referred to as “handspinners” and have been marketed to help students and those working in offices to give relief for stress and anxiety.

How fast can a fidget spinner spin?

It has been suggested that a hand spinner can spin beyond 3000 RPM. How fast is that you ask? That is over 3000 revolutions per minute. To get a gauge of how fast that is, the idle speed of a petrol engine car is 2000 – 2500 RPM.


Top 7 Best Fidget Hand Spinners 2018

In this post, we listed the 7 best fidget spinners 2018, based on the making material quality, high spin rate, design and visuals.


1) Rainbow Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner
Rainbow fidget spinner on the first number of our list due to its coloring and also its long spinning time. When you spin it, its looks so cool and also gives relax to your eyes due to its color combination.


Rainbow Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

This fidget spinner made with high quality materials such as copper alloys, stainless steel bearings. The bearings on this handspinner gives it top speeds and copper alloys gives it strength.

This gadget spin 3 to 4 minutes and also you can achieve high spinning time of 5 to 6 minutes with certain spinning techniques.

The copper alloy gives it a great rainbow visual effect during spin and this effect gives its name Rainbow anti-anxiety fidget spinner. The spinner is also lightweight and easy to carry out in pocket.



2) Trianium Fidget Spinner Pro Metal Series [Black]
This spinner gets on our best fidget spinner list because of its strong body and high demand in market. With Trianium fidget spinner pro metal series, you just need to just hold the spinner with one hand, spin the spinner from other hand with constant and small strikes and it will continue spinning for a long time.

Trianium black fidget spinner


This tool is marketed to be very good for relieving tension while it is also good for both adults and children.

The fidget spinner has beautiful design in black color. The spinner made of durable metal and premium ball bearing with pre-lubricated oil, give it strength during any falling off accident and give smoothness in spinning.

This spinner is available at a very low price on Amazon with one-year warranty.



3) Twiser Edge Fidget Spinner:
A unique fidget spinner for unique people. This fidget spinner looks fancy and elegant in your hands. The fidget spinner comes in a leather chained wallet case that gives it a different look compared to other spinners.


Twiser hand spinner

The spinner also has different and beautiful design that attract your mind and relief it from anxiety.

one of the most attractive thing about this spinner is its shining blades and the length of time it keeps spinning.

This spinner is made from stainless steal that gives it a shine and toughness. And the R188 bearing increases its time of spinning.

The Twiser Edge is certainly a premium device and for some, a fashion statement.



4) Black Blue Fidget Spinner Prime
This spinner is on the top 7 best fidget spinner 2018 list due to its simplicity. It can use by every age of people. This spinner has a unique, yet simple color combination of blue and black color. If you are looking for a fidget spinner for boy or girl, this spinner is best choice for you.

black blue fidget spinner

This hand spinner is made of colored and quality polyester that gives it more smoothness and weightless feeling. There is a lubricated bearing which helps it to achieve the best speed possible.



5) Fidget Spinner, Fnova Metal Hand Spinner
Fnova metal hand spinner has different style from all of the fidget spinners we discussed before. Its different designing and coloring brightness gives it number 5th rank in our best fidget spinner list.


Fnova spinner


The toy has 3 to 4-minute average timing of spin. One big thing to find in this spinner is its silent spinning mode. If you spin it, you will find it does not make noise even you can test it.

Its marketing collateral suggests you can use it to get relief from  stress. This particular model can also be used as a table spinner.



6) Woocon Fidget Spinner
The Woocon spinner is designed by typical geometrical design, in which curves and cuts on spinner body gives you help to achieve maximum speed. This particular spinner is marketed as a pro hand spinner.


Woocon fidget spinner


The Woocon is made on a CNC machine with to give it the best spinning performance. The spinner has different structure that helps you to get high output with low input spins. The spinner is lightweight and can easily fit in your pocket.



7) Angry-Wolf Fidget Spinner Toy
Angry wolf fidget spinner Designed by 100% stainless steel. It is a cool looking fidget spinner that has earned our attention to be added in the best fidget spinners 2018 list. The body is created on CNC machine with fine engineering work. The R188 bearing in the spinner creates a noise-free rotation. All these features help the spinner to spin over 5 minutes.

Angry Wolf fidget spinner


The spinner is specifically designed to reduce stress and to relax  your mind. Its smooth and silent spins help you to relax and enjoying yourself by watching it spin around for a long time.



Fidget Spinner Apps

Did you know that there are a wide selection of fidget spinner apps available to install from the Google Play Store? Check out our post on the 5 best fidget spinner apps so that you can get a fidget spinner for free on your smartphone.


Do you have a fidget spinner and which one would you recommend?

If you own a spinner that is not currently on our list, please use the comment form below to give us your insight into which spinner you think is the best and let us know why you like it.


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