Have you been thinking about buying a new wardrobe? Are you looking to upgrade your bedroom to have a contemporary and spacious new look? A Sliding Door Wardrobe is probably the best solution if your bedroom is limited on space.

In this post we look at the advantages of choosing a wardrobe with sliding doors for your bedroom and review the best sliding door wardrobes of 2020.

What Are Sliding Wardrobe Doors?

Sliding Wardrobe Doors are basically the doors attached to a sliding wardrobe that slide to open rather than opening out the way as traditional wardrobes do. Sliding wardrobe doors can be replaced to give a room a brand new look.

A sliding door wardrobe is basically a frame that holds your clothes and accessories while they are finished with doors. The doors basically form the exterior if you have the wardrobe built into the walls of your room. The look of the wardrobe can be changed by replacing new doors. This is one of the advantages of sliding wardrobes, the fact that you only have to invest in the frame, then only the doors need to be changed after a number of years should you want a new look to your room.

Can I put new sliding doors on my wardrobe?

Yes you can put sliding doors on a wardrobe as long as it is a sliding wardrobe. One of the benefits of having a sliding wardrobe is the fact that you can replace the doors at a later stage. There are some wardrobe unit types in which you can buy that traditional open out doors can be converted to sliding doors. The IKEA Pax system is an example of how sliding doors or open out doors can be fitted to a wardrobe.


What are the benefits of sliding wardrobes?

There are many benefits of sliding wardrobes including:

  • Contemporary look to your bedroom
  • Saves space in your room
  • Offers lots of space for storage


Are Sliding door wardrobes expensive?

Sliding wardrobes are generally no more expensive than traditional wardrobe types. In a lot of cases sliding wardrobes may actually be cheaper.


5 Best Sliding Door Wardrobes 2020

5) Wardrobe Paris White

This is the Paris White wardrobe that is available from Dakohome furniture.

Wardrobe Paris White

The Paris White wardrobe is made from scratch resistant laminated chipboard. The doors are full mirrored sliding doors that offer a bedroom a vibrant feel. You will also have the benefit of checking your appearance from head to toe with the full length mirrored doors.

The wardrobe is a stylish and modern one and worthy of a place in our top 5 best sliding door wardrobes.

The standard Paris wardrobe includes:

  • 2 sliding mirrored doors
  • 10 shelves
  • 4 hanging rails

The gliding doors glide effortlessly 

The reviews for this wardrobe have been positive, with most home owners suggesting that it is a quality and stylish wardrobe.



4) Spacepro Classic Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe

This is the Spacepro Classic Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe that is available from B&Q. Spacepro sliding doors are well known for their ease of assembly and can be built by anyone with some DIY experience.

Sliding wardrobe doors from B&Q

This is a really classy looking wardrobe with sliding doors with full length mirrored doors and piercing black frame.

This wardrobe kit is accompanied with 4x sliding wardrobe doors, 2x bottom wheels on each door, 2x top guides on each door, 1x track set and an instruction manual.

Benefits of the Spacepro wardrobe:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Modern and stylish look to a house
  • 10 year manufacturers guarantee


3) Katja 3 Door Wardrobe By Rauch

This is the Katja 3 Door Wardrobe By Rauch. It is available to purchase from Wayfair.

Katja Sliding Door Wardrobe

The Katja 3 door wardrobe is a quality bedroom unit that is available in a range of finishes including:

  • Alpine white and high gloss white
  • Grey metallic and white high gloss
  • Oak stirling and white high gloss
  • Alpine white with Apline white high gloss
  • Black and high gloss black
  • Oak stirling and black high gloss

Rauch are a German brand that specialises in environmentally friendly furniture. This is a great option for people who are looking for furniture that is friendly to the environment.

This wardrobe has positive reviews across the internet and certainly earns its place in our 5 best sliding doors wardrobes 2020 list.


2) PAX System Wardrobe By IKEA

The PAX is one of the most sought after wardrobes in the planet. IKEA’s PAX system is one of the most purchased wardrobe units in the the US and Europe and for years and continues to do so. 

Ikea Pax sliding wardrobe

One of IKEA’s specilities is the fact that they offer practical wardrobes that offer great space saving to give you the storage that you need.

IKEA have their own PAX planner that you can use to design and plan out what you need for your bedroom. From there you can choose the sliding door option for your wardrobe.

Benefits of a PAX wardrobe includes:

  • Can design and modify how you want the wardrobe to look
  • Cheap sliding door wardrobe
  • Limitless options for the size and wardrobe interiors


The PAX is a great option for anyone on a budget and one of the best wardrobes with sliding doors.


1) Shaker By Sliding Robes Direct

The best sliding wardrobe 2020 is the Shaker by Sliding Robes Direct. The Shaker is an affordable option available in single 1 and 3 panel door configurations.

Sliding Robes Direct shaker wardrobe doors

With Sliding Robes Direct the Shaker wardrobe doors and be designed with their made to measure tool. This means you can design your wardrobe the way you want it. You can also replace the doors of your existing sliding door wardrobe by just buying the doors.

What makes the Shaker a great choice for home owners is the fact that the wardrobe frame is manufactured from high grade roll formed steel so that it offers lifelong durability and will not be prone to warping.

The shaker is available with 5 frame options white there are 9 glass and 6 wood effect panels available. Colors include:

  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • White (matt)
  • Cashmere
  • Stone Grey & Lava
  • Frame colours are White
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Cashmere & Stone Grey

There you have it, if you are looking for a new wardrobe for your bedroom, the options above are a great choice for any homeowner.

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