Are you looking for the best ball machine for your home? If you are looking to recreate the feeling of the arcade with a skee ball game, we have listed the best skee ball machines reviews in this list.

Best Skee ball machines

Skee ball is one of the most popular arcade ball games which a player rolls a ball up a inclined lane over a “ball-hop” that hops the ball into one of the bullseye rings. The game is also known as the roll and score game. Each of the rings are worth a certain amount of points. The player who gains the most points wins. This is one of the best roll and score games that you usually find in arcades.


What Is A Skee Ball Made Up of?

A Skee ball, known by some as a Skeet Ball is made from a plastic material known as polyester and urethane. Modern skee balls are made with sophisticated machinery. In traditional times since skee-ball was invented in 1908 by Joseph Fourestier Simpson, the balls were made from plastic wrapped around compressed saw dust.

If you are looking to make DIY Skee ball, it can be difficult to replicate the finish and the performance of a modern manufactured ball. However if you wish to make your own skeeball it is recommended that you look at the traditional ways of making the balls with sawdust.


5 Best Skee Ball Machines 2021

If you are thinking of buying a skee ball machine, you can find both new and used machines online using websites like Amazon, eBay and Craigslist among others. There are also tabletop skee games that you can buy for low prices in Walmart or online at Amazon, however if you are looking for that arcade experience, you are better to consider a full sized skee ball machine.

Features to consider when buying the right skee ball machine reviews include:

  • Built in ball return
  • Push button controls
  • Access push button controls
  • Abs scoring rings
  • Semi soft playing balls
  • Scratch resistant poly
  • Space saving folding design
  • Automatic ball return
  • Electronic scorer (score display)
  • LED electronic Lighting
  • LED side lighting
  • Plastic or Metal cage


5) Skee Ball Classic Alley 10′ Bowler Coin Op Redemption Game

The first on our list is a vintage skee ball machine, which is perfect if you are hoping to have a hall of games room in your home. It is an example of a used skee ball game for sale online. This machine has your classic bulls eye rings and features a 10 ft arcade ball table.

classic skee ball machine

This machine is built for easy maintenance with Screwless Powder Coated Channel Covers. It has a Hinged Target Board and also offers Front-Mounted Electronics all for easy Maintenance.

As a professional arcade machine, this skee ball game comes with a coin op mechanism and can dispense tickets as a reward. There are 8 ft arcade ball table options available, but this example at 10 ft offers a more challenging game of roll and score. This ball arcade machine has the 50, 40, 30, 20 & 10 classic arcade game scoring rings.

This machine is currently available on eBay.

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4)  Skee Toss B.C. Arcade game Machine

Skee Toss B.C is one of the most memorable versions of the skee ball table. The Skee Toss B.C is a vintage skee-ball machine and is revered by many arcade enthusiasts.

Skee Toss BC Machine

The theme of this version of the machine is land before time, or when the dinosaurs were alive on earth. This is a great choice if you are looking to have a retro skee ball machine with sound effects in your home and to have a retro arcade vibe. Like the Barrington roll and score table the Skee Toss B.C offers a retro feel while playing. This score game set  with LED lights can be purchased on eBay.


3) Regulation Arcade 10 Foot 1992 SKEEBALL Machine – MFG by Skee Ball Inc

MFG by Skee Ball Inc produced machines back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The Regulation Arcade 10 Foot skee-ball machine was one the best machines for it’s time and today remains one of the best ever made. In terms of longevity and low maintenance, this play skee ball machine for home is a great classic arcade choice

Skee ball inc skee ball machine

If you are looking for a used skeeball machine, you must consider anything created by MFG by Skee Ball Inc. who are known for their superior manufacturing, particularly the quality playing surface in their tables. One of the best features of this roll and score machine is the LED lights display and electronic scoring system. Another essential feature is the automatic ball return which you need to for a fun experience with friends.

You can pick up one of these machines for a reasonable price on websites like eBay and get the arcade item shipped direct to your home. 


2) Baytec SkeeBall – 10′ Classic

The 10′ classic style skeeball by Baytec is one of the best skee ball machine 2021. If you are looking for the ultimate arcade experience in your home, you have to consider this option. If you are looking for a professional option for your own commercial arcade business, then this skeet ball machine by Baytec will also be at the top of your list.

Baytec skee ball machine

This arcade style machine has the traditional 10 foot long lane. There is a free pay button for use at home with your friends. This is a heavy machine weighing 510 lbs. There are a number of balls available for this arcade style skee machine.

This roll and score table has electronic scoring features and a smooth playing surface that is not an mdf playing surface. The electronic scorer is fast and accurate. Offering essential fun for the whole family.



1) MD Sports Arcade Skeeball 10′ Game Room Table With LED Scorer, Lights, Real Sound Effects

The Arcade Skeeball 10′ Game Room Table With LED Scorer, Lights, Real Sound Effects machine by Medal Sports is a brand new option and available for anyone looking for that home arcade atmosphere. The MD Sport Skee ball machine is the best skee ball machine 2021.

Roll and score game machine

MD-Sports are one of the most popular brands for arcade games machines and offer exceptional products that will last you a lifetime, particularly for home use. This machine comes with four balls which are compatible to use with gaming gloves.

There are lots of features for this MD Sports Skee ball table including;

  • Quality LED Scorer – This machine has built-in LED light and arcade sound effects. These features add fun to the game and give you an arcade like atmosphere. An electronic scoring system is essential for the roll and play experience.
  • This machine comes with a beautiful woodgrain finish playing surface.
  • Arcade sound effects for nostalgia.
  • Durable – built with quality materials
  • Easy access push-button controls to start or reset the game in seconds.
  • Built-in automatic ball return system.
  • Clear acrylic cover to prevent the ball from flying off and causing damage to your room
  • Has leg stabilizers for better stability.

Overall the roll and score machine by MD Sports is one of the best roll and score game money can buy in 2021.


That was the run down of the best skee ball machines 2021. If you want to have the ultimate arcade room in your home, those are the best options to choose right now. There are mini skee ball games that you can buy but if you are looking for a real challenge the list above will offer you endless hours of fun and joy.

We mentioned above that 10 ft tables offer the best challenge and fun, however if you are limited on space, the best 8ft skee ball tables include:

  • Hot Shot 8 ft Arcade
  • Hathaway Boardwalk 8 ft
  • Boardwalk 8 ft Arcade
  • Barrington roll and score 8 ft arcade ball table

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