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If you sell paint to customers, there is a good chance that you need a quality paint mixing machine to ensure you are delivering a quality paint product. In this article we will discuss the best paint can mixers for commercial businesses.


How much does a paint mixing machine cost?

A paint mixer can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $50,000. The difference in cost depends on your requirements and the scale of your business.


How do paint mixing machines work?

After a paint mix has been poured into a paint can, the can is placed into the mixer which shakes the can at high speeds. The paint mixer blends epoxy, polyurethane, polyester and acrylic resins with powders and pigments to give the perfect blend of paint when it is applied to a surface.


What are the best paint mixing machines in 2021?

Below is a list of the 5 best paint can shaker machines 2021.

5) JY-30A Automatic Gyros Mixer

The JY-30A Automatic Gyros Mixer is a good choice for those who may be starting off as a paint supplier. This is a low priced option priced at $1,800 available from Jingyi on Alibaba.

paint shaker machine

This paint mixer can mix tins of paint up to 20 liters in size.

This gyroscopic mixer has: a multi-grade intelligent timing inverter to ensure speed control while in operation.

Overall the JY-30A Automatic Gyros Mixer is a good choice for those looking for a cheap paint mixer.


4) 5 Gallon Red D Mix™ XP –  Model 5025

If you are looking for an explosion proof paint mixer, the 5 Gallon Red D Mix™ XP –  Model 5025 by Radia Products is one of the best gyroscopic paint mixers currently on the market.

Paint mixer machine

Not only does this paint shaker produce quality outcomes, it also provides excellent reliability. The gearbox design reduces the impact of wear on its parts while the motor is built to be explosion proof.

One of the disadvantages of this machine is that a certified electrician is required to install the machine on your premises.


3) Creative Resins Automatic Gyroscopic Mixer For Paint Mixing

A quality paint mixing machine valued at £4,250, the Creative Resins Automatic Gyroscopic Mixer is a quality choice for any commercial paint shop.

Paint shaker

This paint mixer can hold any paint can sizes from 1kg – 36kg. The machine  has a tri-directional door and sliding base plate that offers ease of loading.

One of the benefits of this gyroscopic paint mixer is the fact that it is automated to allow for Automatic Can Clamping and Automatic Can Sensing with speed and pressure adjustment.

Other features include Multi-Can button for lower speeds and selectable mixing time 30-900 seconds.

Moderately priced, this paint shaker is a good choice for any size of business.


2) Merris Spinmix 500x ATEX

Merris International lead the way when it comes to paint mixing machines. The Spinmix 500x ATEX is one of the best gyroscopic paint shakers in the market. The machine allows users to program times to suit products being mixed. A lot of the features allow for automation including the automatic speed adjustment based on can size.

User friendly controls, push button with screen for clear operational information and diagnostics.

One of the reasons why this is paint shaker is listed high on our list is the fact that it is built for heavy duty applications and to run constantly for years.

For any business, reliability is key, particularly for paint shaking equipment.


1) Merris Spinmix 800

The best paint shaker that money can buy in 2021 is the Merris Spinmix 800. Another paint mixer from Merris International, the Spinmix 800 offers both manual and automatic controls to allow you to produce the best results for your paint customers.

best paint mixing machine

This gyroscopic paint mixer can mix paint tins with a width of 39cm wide.

The software that runs this paint shaker is built with full safety features in mind.

If you are looking to provide your customers with a quality paint product, then the Spinmix 800 is the right solution for you.


That is the run down of the 5 best commercial paint mixing machines 2021, have a look at our other reviews for the best popular items.

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