McDonald’s Monopoly game has become an annual tradition. McDonald’s Monopoly game is much like the board game. You need to collect properties in order to win. To obtain the properties you need to visit McDonald’s and buy some food.

McDonalds Monopoly

Game pieces can be found on food items like the Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, McGriddles, Hash Browns, and other great menu items. Pieces can be found on various beverage and fry items as well.

When does it start?

McDonald’s monopoly starts on Wed 20 March 2019 and will run until Tue 30 April 2019.

How does it work?

On selected McDonald’s food and beverage cartons across the country, you’ll see stickers with the names of the properties on a classic Monopoly board. It works in the same way: if you collect and complete, for example, the navy blue set of Park Lane and Mayfair, you will win the prize that is attributed to you. You can also find “instant win” stickers that award free food prizes and more.

You will get stickers in almost everything you buy this year, including bags of carrot sticks, drinks, hamburgers, and chicken.

The sizes also do not play an important role, which means that you will get the same amount of stickers in a medium and large meal, so you will not have to spend more to get more. In each set of stickers, you will receive a code online that will give you the opportunity to win prizes online.

The other stickers will contain either a property tag or an instant win.


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What are the rules?

Participants in the McDonald’s Monopoly must be at least 16 years of age and residents of the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands. McDonald’s employees and immediate family members of employees cannot participate, nor employees of any of the companies that have provided prizes for the competition.


The game will be held at participating McDonald’s branches throughout the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. This includes Northern Ireland but excludes the Republic of Ireland. Online game prizes can be viewed at 11:00 pm on Wednesday, March 20, and at 11:59 pm on Tuesday, April 30th.

Each label of McDonald’s Monopoly will come with instructions on how to claim your prize. The last date on which participants can claim prizes of “instant prize tags” and “property tags” is Friday, May 31.



McDonalds Monopoly prizes that you can win:

Instant Wins

There are over fifty million instant win prizes on offer including food prizes, cash prices, and vouchers. It is believed that Instant Win stickers result in a winner every two minutes. The only thing you need to do is walk straight up to the counter.


To get an instant win tag, you must buy one of the following menu items:

  • French fries
  • Large fries
  • Medium carbonated soft drink
  • Great carbonated soft drink
  • Premium Salad (excluding the Shaker Side Salad)
  • Chicken legend
  • Chicken legend with bacon
  • Chicken selects – 3 or 5 pieces
  • Big Tasty
  • Big Tasty with Bacon
  • The collection of signatures
  • Cadbury Creme Egg or Cadbury Caramel McFlurry
  • Mozzarella spoons
  • Great flavor wrap
  • Regular iced frappe/ fruit smoothie with ice
  • large iced frappe / Fruit smoothie with ice
  • Shaker Side Salads
  • Medium or large hot drinks or drinks served in a bottle or carton


You could be lucky enough to win a prize instantly from this fantastic selection:

  • Mini Cooper
  • £ 10,000 in cash
  • Hoverboard
  • PS4 game console
  • £ 200 in cash
  • £ 100 bonus at
  • Phone with 1-year Sky Mobile plan.
  • Urbanears wireless headphones
  • Polaroid POP instant digital camera
  • £ 50 gift card for JD Sports
  • £ 30 voucher for
  • Hype Backpack
  • Kitase travel suitcase
  • KitSound portable outdoor speaker
  • ZEISS VR ONE Plus headphones
  • Vintage suitcase, turntable
  • Slappie Watch
  • Sunglasses HAWKERS
  • Personalized phone case
  • Pair of movie tickets
  • 20 CeX Bonus
  • NOW TV Pass Instant Win



Online prizes

Online prizes include a code to use online. The prizes you win vary from a meal voucher used in a self-service machine. Each double or triple label contains a unique 10-digit code that you can enter online at for the chance to win one of 119,520 cash prizes.


Every minute, 24 hours a day, there are two “winning moments”: McDonald’s does not indicate how long they last, they can last only a second, or even less! If you enter at that exact moment, you win a cash prize that ranges from £ 5 to £ 100. If no one enters at that exact moment, the prize is not won.


In addition to cash prizes, there are additional profit moments during the promotion. If you enter your code during one of these actions, you can win one of many NOW TV 1-Year Pass awards, movie vouchers, custom socks. , NOW TV Pass, Kindle Books 2 month subscriptions and digital food vouchers.



Properties sticker

If you collect a complete set of properties (from 2 to 4 depending on the set), you can claim a prize. Here is the amount of rare game pieces in circulation, and what you earn if you collect a set. These ‘rare’ labels are the same properties every year – this year there are half a million more Old Kent Road stickers in circulation than in 2018, so a better chance of winning a free meal!


The rare stickers will have details of how to claim prizes printed on them.

  • Old Kent Rd – McDonald’s extra average value meal
  • Euston Rd – € 30 voucher for
  • Northumberland Ave – £ 50 Gift Card for JD Sports
  • Marlborough St – Urbanears wireless headphones
  • Liverpool St Station: Telephone with a 1-year Sky Mobile plan
  • Strand – PS4 Pro
  • Coventry St – £ 2000 to spend on a LoveHolidays vacation
  • Bond St – Mini
  • Mayfair – £ 100,000 in cash

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