Do you have lots of books that you have read and now want to sell them?

Want to know which websites are the best sites to sell books online?

By selling your books online you can free up space in your home and give you more money so that you can buy new books to read.

sell books online

Online Books platforms

When it comes toward selling the books online two types of Online Books platforms appear.

1) Buyback

Buyback is an online site where the seller enters the name of the book which he wants to sell and get an estimated price of the book from the company. If the seller likes the price then make an agreement with the company and ship the books. After shipping he gets payments and this is the easiest and fastest way of earning cash.


2) Online Square   

In the online marketplace, you enter the book list which you want to sale along with price tags and wait for the customers to review it and place an order. This is an extensive way of selling books because you depend on customer’s orders and also in some cases when you don’t fix the price method gets more extensive.


Sites to sell books online

3) Book Scouter

This is an official website of selling books online which is famous for textbooks selling. The seller enters the ISBN of related book and then search nearest 40 different buyers who can offer him the highest amount. Book scouter compares price itself instead of the opening site one by one and making a comparison between prices. It is the best choice for selling books online. But always read reviews first to those buyers whom you want to sell.



4) Sell Back Your Book

Sell back your book is similar to cash4books site and it also works on the same case where a seller enters ISBN of the book and get a price quote. Some rules are set by the site where they have made a restriction on some books which cannot be sell like reviewed copies, advanced reader’s copies and any other explicit material. Some textbooks along with fewer editions are on demand and the easier thing about this site is that books are available via apps too.



5) is a versatile store where you can find anything of your related interest. Books are also available in lesser price on this site and more important thing about is trusted site. People have developed their trust and can take risk of selling as well as buying books online. Even has made its name by working well and people agree to pay more after knowing the actual price though.



6) Blue Rectangle

A blue rectangle has more extensive features than book buying website but it differs from it with one distinctive feature that is you have to check the status of the book after a short time. Status of the books means which buyer is making a request to buy your book and the remaining process is similar to above the following site. Payment is done via checks as well as PayPal.



7) Paperback Swap

Books owner can exchange their books on this site. Need is to just enlist your book names and get attached to the interested buyer and earn money.



8) CKY books

CKY buys books from sellers directly in versatile price range depending upon the type and edition of the book. Payment methods are check or PayPal including shipping costs. CKY books also sell books in digital forms like DVDs, games, and movies too.



9) Declutter

Second hand or used books are sells on this site. Declutter also sell DVDs, games, mobile phone and tablets. If you want to sell your older stuff then go on declutter and follow the instructions like OLX.



10) has been established since 1997 and coordinating with the New York Times, Forbes and Newsweek. It compares the prices automatically and chooses the highest for the seller convenience.



11) Bookbyte

Bookbyte is working since 1999 and selling college study books either on half price or on rent. Enter the book’s ISBN or titles and get quoted price from different buyers and get connected to the one whom you like and want to go ahead.


12) Chegg

Chegg handles older books and its procedure follows the book’s ISBN and title along with quoted price and gets print of it. After getting free shipping label mail it to the Chegg for books receiving.



13) handle payments via two ways like PayPal or checks. Enlist the books and click on price button and payment will be received within 2 business days.

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14) Vlore Books

Multiple ISBN of the books are entered to get quoted price and then ship them. A lot of books stalls are handled via this method.



15) CampusBooks

Campusbooks compare different books prices from different buyers and follow the same procedure as BookScouter follows.  



16) Student2Student

Student2Student is for a middleman who can’t purchase high priced books and student on the campus are addicted to this site. Apart from student different vendors can also purchase books.



17) eBay

eBay doesn’t charge a listing fee on 50 items and has earned a reputation among different market’s sellers and buyers. eBay is preferred when you don’t need cash quickly.

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18) Half Price Books

This site sells textbooks and acts like a half price books selling the store. A more easiest and quick way of earning cash.



19) Powell’s Books

Books are sold locally via this site and payment is via PayPal account. Site functioning areas are Portland and Oregon.



20) Cash4Books

Used books are sold via this site where seller get the online price quote and make shipment free of cost.


21) BooksRun

Books run is an online store where one can buy, sell, rent used or new books or e-books at reasonable prices.



All these Online Books platforms will surely make the bookworm inside you very happy and let you explore and read millions of books online.

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