A frequent flyer program is a lucrative service offered by many airlines in order to pay their respect to the loyalty of a customer. These customers, in this case, the passengers, have certain advantages. For example, they are provided with certain travel facilities for free. If a customer registers his/her name in the frequent flyer program, he/she accumulates points based on the corresponding distance on that airline. These points are also called frequent flyer miles and can be improved for air travel and other similar lucrative products and services to increase or redeem what is called frequent flyer miles.

How to sell frequent flyer miles

There are a number of people all around the world for whom traveling, whether for official purpose or not, is a question of daily routine. The passengers, as well as the airline companies, have the full opportunity to get a mutual benefit. From the passengers’ point of view, they can always turn the necessity of travel into something very profitable that would contribute to the very interest of the passenger.

As he or she keeps on raising his points or frequent flyer miles, he or she is supposed to get more and more advantages from the airline company.

The Frequent flyer miles of the customers are linked to the credit/ debit cards of the customers and the miles accumulated are being recorded, the more the customer travels with a particular airline the greater will be the benefit as those frequent flyer miles keep on increasing with each flight.

But it’s also important to arm yourself with the best information before looking to take advantage of the opportunities being presented by the airlines.


How the points for frequent flyer miles are accumulated

The basic way in which points accumulate is flying with a particular airline. For doing so, your points will be accumulated according to the number of miles traveled with the associated airline. Through these plans, there are a set number of points awarded for every mile traveled.

Some plans are different depending on which airline you are using. Some of the European airlines have a fixed amount of points offered for using a domestic flight regardless of the distance traveled. The kind of flight used by the client plays an important role in the number of points awarded.  Sometimes it can become all so confusing. Currently, airline benefits for frequent flyer miles can be used with different airlines considering the partnership alliances and their codeshare flight.



Frequent flyer miles for cash

Assuming you have a large number of frequent flyer miles that you have accumulated in your account. Let’s say you don’t intend on using them then chances are they would just rot away and that wouldn’t help anyone. It turns out that if you do have these excess airline miles or just any miles in general, you can sell these airline miles for cash!


How can I sell my miles?

Well, the answer to that is very simple. Nowadays you can actually find many online vendors who are willing to buy your miles from you. All you have to do is register with them and tell the number of miles you’re willing to sell and the airline program that those miles belong to.

The vendor will then tell you the amount that they’re willing to pay. If you like it then you can carry on with the transfer. If you don’t like the price that the vendor has named no need to fret. There are loads of other people who are willing to pay for your precious miles.



Most comprehensive ways to selling your frequent flyer miles online

The following below are the most essential ways you can sell your frequent flyer miles for cash online;


Use Your Airline

The first method you can use to sell airline miles for cash is to sell them through your airline’s reward program. Here it’s important to note that most airlines don’t normally allow selling miles to others but they do allow gifting them.

So if you do have a lot of miles accumulated in your account then it would be wise to gift them to another user and agree on a price. This has the added advantage of being legal and not totally bereft of any financial gain. True, you might end up settling for lesser money if you were to sell them out right but it’s still better than nothing.

This option has added viability because of the way airlines promote gifting. Most airlines will offer you bonus miles if you gift them to other users. Keeping this in mind if and when you do gift miles you’ll be gaining more miles which you can then later sell again. It, therefore, creates a stream of revenue that is longer lasting than just selling miles once.


Use Online Brokers

There are a fair number of online sites that allow you to sell airline miles for cash. You only need to visit them and follow a simple process to get started.

Typically the site requires you to fill a form specifying the number of miles, the airlines and a few other details after which you receive a quoted price for your miles. Once the transaction is done you receive your money according to your method of choice and the miles are transferred out of your account.

Online brokers normally offer better deals then if you were to gift them for cash but they do have their downsides too. However, selling miles is in a legal grey area because while the US government doesn’t prohibit this activity, airlines tend to forbid selling miles in their policy. If you are caught in the act you might lose all your miles so it’s a risk you should consider before engaging in this activity.

There are multiple ways you can sell frequent flyer miles for cash and they all come with their own pros and cons. It’s up to you if you want to brave the danger and sell through an online broker or to deal with someone in your own camp.

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