In January 2016 we set ourselves a target to generate $1000 per month online. In May 2016 we surpassed that income target. Below we break down our online earnings for the month. A lot of effort was put into earning an income online and required over 90 hours per day each week to reach our income goal however it was highly worth it!

May Income:

Online surveys

Online surveys offer simple money making solutions if you are working from home.

PanelPlace – $39.02


Decision Analyst – $40.00


QuickRewards – $57.12

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Total from surveys – $136.14

Get Paid To Sites

For the past months we have only used Unique Rewards, however in May we started using UniqPaid

UniqueRewards – $74.39

UniqPaid – $48.80

Total – $123.19


Mobile Apps

Apps that pay you only pay small amounts of cash, we focused on working on the methods that make the most money. Apps like Cashpirate offer you earnings if you have a good referral network.

CashPirate – $19.20

Total – $19.20


Amazon affiliate program

Our Amazon affiliate website helped us generate a great income online in May.


Amazon Total – $409.80



ShareASale affiliate program

We have said in the past that ShareASale is the best affiliate program that you can join for the last 3 years and here is the proof:


ShareASale Total – $370.80

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With Fiverr we did a lot of Twitter promotion and proofreading services for our clients.


Fiverr total – $24


Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the king of ads for a website.

Total – $61.71



Infolinks is our Google alternative of choice. Pays less but if you have a technology based website, you can earn more money from it apparently.

Infolinks total – $11.30


Overall Total – $1156.14


This month we were incredibly delighted at reaching our $1000+ monthly income goal challenge. The next step for us now is to continue generating over $1000 month online and working towards making a living solely from our online efforts.


How well did you do? Share below on how much money you are making if you are following our challenge and remember to keep up with our latest make money online tips by signing up to our newsletter.