In June we hit our target of earning over $1000 online in a month from surveys, paid to click websites, affiliate websites, freelancing and blog ads.


June Income:

Online surveys

Online surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money online in your spare time. We have been using surveys to generate a steady income each month online.


PanelPlace – $42.50

Decision Analyst – $47.50

QuickRewards – $34.68


Total from surveys – $126.68

Get Paid To Sites

Get paid to sites offer a fun way to make money online. We have been using Unique Rewards and using UniqPaid.


UniqueRewards – $34.89

UniqPaid – $66.80

Total – $101.69


Mobile Apps

There has been an explosion of mobile apps that pay you in just the last 2 years. We just use Cashpirate simply because they pay well for referral sign ups. See the Cashpirate review.


CashPirate – $12.42

Total – $12.42


Amazon affiliate program

Our Amazon affiliate website builder has helped many people make money from Amazon.


Amazon Total – $480.70


ShareASale affiliate program

We have said in the past that ShareASale is the best affiliate program that you can join for the last 3 years and here is the proof:


ShareASale Total – $420.80

Click here to sign Up to ShareASale for free



We did a lot of Twitter promotion and proofreading services for our clients again in June.


Fiverr total – $16


Google Adsense

Google Adsense is probably the best and most reliable ad networks that pay you.


Adsense Total – $98.44



Infolinks is our Google alternative of choice. Pays less but if you have a technology based website, you can earn more money from it apparently.


Infolinks total – $13.30


Total ad revenue: 111.74


Overall Total Income for June – $1142.29


We made a little bit less online in June, when compared to May, however we did achieve our goal of making over $1000 online per month.