This is the first Moneyjojo income report for our $1000 a month online income challenge 2016. All figures are rounded to make it simple.


Online surveys:

We only concentrate on having 3 survey sites to allow us to work on other ways to make money (see the other ways below)

PanelPlace – $17

Decision Analyst – $19

QuickRewards – $9

Total – $45

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Get Paid To Sites

For get paid to sites its just Unique Rewards that we use for now, simply because they have a great referral program.

UniqueRewards – $38

Total -$38


Mobile Apps

The only app used was CashPirate simply because there we didn’t have too much time to use any others.

CashPirate – $7


Amazon affiliate program

For Amazon, we have two affiliate shops that we have. Sales were slow, but it is January

Amazon Total – $97


ShareASale affiliate program

ShareASale has many offers that people actually care about, this site will most likely help us reach the target.

ShareASale Total – $160

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Fiverr, only had 2 sales this month, its not a service that we push too often, why? We are better than working for just 5 quid.

Fiverr total – $10

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Google Adsense

Google Adsense is on our blogs. January was not a great month.

Total – $18



Like adsense, it was not a great month for advertising revenues, but then again it is January.

Infolinks total – $12

If you want to know more about Infolinks – check out this review.


Overall Total – $387

At the moment, we are over a third of the way there to achieving our $1000 a month income challenge. Make sure you sign up for updates to keep track of our progress.