February was a good month for our online income, however we are someway of our target of earning $1000+ per month. Here is a break down of the income report for this month.

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Online surveys:

We spent a lot of time on surveys this month and it did pay off. Cashback on QuickRewards really helped us with our targets for this month. It just  shows that websites offering surveys alone will not give you the maximum rewards.

PanelPlace – $36.50

Decision Analyst – $28

QuickRewards – $43.32

Total – $107.52

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Get Paid To Sites

For get paid to sites its just Unique Rewards. The referral program is great on this site and it is a generally fun website to be a member. Remember this site is free to sign up to. Have a look at our review of Unique Rewards

UniqueRewards – $42

Total -$42

Mobile Apps

CashPirate is the only app we use at the moment. We signed up for 1 offer this month and was worth $16!!

CashPirate – $16


Amazon affiliate program

For Amazon, we have two affiliate shops. One of them is a drones affiliate website. The drones store is selling and was accumulated commissions of $146.18 in February.

Amazon Total – $146.18


ShareASale affiliate program

ShareASale is our favorite affiliate program. This month we made a nice $213.91

ShareASale Total – $213.91

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Fiverr only offered 1 sale this month and it was only worth $4

Fiverr total – $4

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Google Adsense

Google Adsense is on our blogs as it is one of the best ad networks to have on your blog. We produced $43.37 in ad revenue this month.

Total – $43.37



Infolinks is good is you have a technology blog. We do not have tech blogs so this month we were down on Januarys figure to just $4.72.

Infolinks total – $4.72


Overall Total – $577.70

February has been a marked improvement on January. All we have to do is double our earnings and we can achieve our goal!

Make sure you sign up for updates to keep track of our progress. If you have started the $1000 a month income challenge with us leave a comment below and let us know how February was for you.