Have you got a pair of Apple Airpods and unsure where the microphone is located? In this post we reveal whether or not Airpods have a mic and where the microphone is located.


Airpods are quite an investment for most people, however before making a purchase, you are going to want to know if they have a microphone so that you can make calls or record audio. 


Is there a Mic on Apple Airpods?

Yes, Apple Airpods have a microphone built into them. With Airpods not only can you use them to listen to your favorite music but you can make calls. With the noise cancelling features, you will notice the quality of the wireless earbuds when it comes to making a phone call.


Where is the Airpod Mic Located?

The noise reducing microphone on Apple Airpods is located at the bottom of the earbud shaft.


Where is the Mic On Airpods Pro?

The microphone is located at the end of each shaft on Airpods Pro. The layout is similar to basic Airpods. The microphone on these Apple earbuds will activate when they are placed in your ear, meaning you can use one Airpod pro if you need to.


Which Ear Is the Mic On Airpods?

Each Airpod has a mic on each earbud. Both microphones have noise reducing properties that offer exceptional audio quality for making phone calls or commanding Siri. The fact that there is a microphone in each ear, this allows you to wear only one Airpod if needed.

Airpods sense when they are in your ear, so if you get a phone call while you only have one Airpod in, the microphone will be activated in earbud that is in your ear.


How Do I Test The Microphone On Airpods?

There are a number of ways that you can test the microphone on your Airpods including:

1) Try a voice command to Siri – If Siri is activated through a voice command, then this will be a clear sign that the microphone is working properly.

2) Try a test phone call to a friend – Phone a friend to check if you can hear them through your Airpods and whether or not they can hear you while you speak.

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